It´s been part of the history of Döhler S/A manufacture products merging trends and consumer preferences, ensuring quality to bed, table, bath and decoration. Acting this way, it weaves a relationship of affection and well-being.

Cutting-edge technology, pioneering research, development and sustainable practices, present in our equipment and manufacturing processes, are also part of our more than 139 years of history. We recently invested in an innovative digital printing technology, which provides a process with practically no water consumption and effluent generation. With this, the consumer, in addition to purchasing a product produced in a more sustainable way, now has access to more complex and elaborated prints.

It´s a 100% national company, recognized worldwide for its commitment and ethics, Döhler S/A has  approximately 3.000 employees, daily manufacturing a wide range of articles for homes, as well as fabrics for furniture and mattress industries, in addition to corporate layoffs and solutions for hotels and hospitals.

  • 200 thousand m² of industrial park, in the city of Joinville
  • 1,400 tons fabrics manufactured per month
  • 858 million meters of yarn every day
  • 12 thousand SKUs
  • Export to more than 40 countries
  • 300 thousand m² of forest reserve

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